Here Comes The Playoffs! The True Guru Clinches 6 Playoff Spots

Injuries have been killing me, but I’m finally getting healthy players back.  In doing so, I made it to the playoffs in 6 of my 7 leagues.  Here is the overall breakdown.

Overall Record through week 10, 55-36. I’ve clinched playoffs berths in 6 leagues and I’m the top scoring team in 3 of the leagues. Clinched 6 playoff berths*. Clinched Playoff BYE**

EXPERT LEAGUES (Overall This Week: 1-2)

Fantasy Website Drunken Pirate Slapfight Expert League (7-6*)

PLAYOFFS ROUND 1 vs. Fantasy Sharks IDP

I pulled Greg Kellogg in the first round of the playoffs for this league.  Currently my team is struggling very bad and limps into the playoffs.  I lost Willis McGahee and not sure when I’ll get Gronko back.  During the season I lost twice to Kellogg.  Lets hope the third time is the charm for me.

2012 FFS Expert League (11-2**)


HattyWaiverWire vs. FF Tonight

This has been my best team so far this season.  I finished with the #1 seed and the most points in the league.  I have never won my own expert league, but this year that might change. First up for me is Hatty Waiver Wire.  Hatty hasn’t had the greatest season. I beat Hatty in our only matchup this year, 128-113.  Should be a fun game.

MIC WARS Expert League (10-3**)


I finished 0-2 the last two games of the season, but this league was already in the bag.  I earned the #1 seed and top score in this league and I’m looking to defending my title against some stiff competition. I will play the winner of Pat Mayo or Dave Gawron.


Blog Talk Radio FF League (7-6*)


Primetime 21 vs FFTonight

I finished with the 7th seed in this hotly contested league and I will face-off against my arch nemesis Primetime 21 (Jason Swist) for the first round of the playoffs.  During the season I manhandled Jason on my way to a 141-127 win.  I expect nothign to change for this match up as I have DeMarco Murray back and hopefully Darren McFadden.

Blog Talk Radio II FF League (8-5*)


Dj2kDynasty vs. FFTonight 

DJ2k will get his chance at revenge as he faces off against me in the first round of the playoffs.  I pulled out the 5th see in this league and easily defeated DJ2K 178-144. If I win this match up I face my biggest Blog Talk Radio rival, Superbowl Homeboy.

Blog Talk Radio III FF League (8-5*)

PLAYOFFS ROUND 1 (9-4) vs FFTonight

I get to face my co-host and rival RC Rizza in round one for this BTR league.  RC had a great season in this league and beat me 180-103 in our only meeting.  I am seeking revenge, along with damages.

HOME LEAGUE (Overall This Week: 0-1)

Vegas Vs Texas League 13 (4-9)

Las Vegas Cowboys 132
Sister Christian 182

This was a season to forget in my home league. I finished 4-9 and will be competing in the consolation bracket for a small prize.  The good news is, we completely redraft next season (normally 2 keepers) and I get the overall 2nd pick in the draft.