PLAYOFFS: The True Guru Advances in 3 leagues, Goes Down in 3

After literally limping into the playoffs (bad ankle from ice skating) with a myriad of injuries across my six playoff bound teams, I managed to pull out two wins to continue (one team had the BYE).  It was by absolute luck and chance that I pulled out two of those wins.  Let’s get into the details below.

Note: In the only league that I didn’t make the playoffs, we host a Toilet Bowl ($150 prize) for the six team consolation bracket.  I advanced in that league as well.

Leagues I advanced in:

2012  FFS Expert League

FF Tonight 130.56
Hatty Waiver Wire 129.78

First I want to congratulate Hatty for almost pulling off a great upset. He was the 8th seed versus the 1st seed and lost by less than a point.  I went into Monday night with a 23.5 point lead and Hatty had Arian Foster and Owen Daniels left.  Right as he was poise to take the lead and win the game, his players were removed from the blowout game.  Victory TTG.  That was luck, but I always like having the lead going into the final game rather than chasing the lead.  I’ve been on the losing end just as Hatty was and it doesn’t feel good.  Great game Hatty.  Of course, I made the mistake of making this league 8-team playoffs.  It should have been 6.

Next Matchup: FF Tonight(1)  vs Lesters Legends (4)

Blog Talk Radio League

FF Tonight 159.42
PrimeTime21 147.36

This was another great match up with my nemesis Jason Swist.  I went into Monday’s game with a 34 point lead and no players left.  I felt the game was in hand since Primetime only had Aaron Hernandez.  After he scored twice in the first half, I admit I wasn’t nearly as secure with my lead.  In the end, I held on for the victory and advanced. I do have to credit Mike Wallace for the win.  After I found out that Ben Roethlisberger was back, I put Wallace in and notched 28 points. Congratulations to Jason for a great game.

Next Matchup: FF Tonight (7)  vs The Chain Gang (6)

MIC Wars Expert League

FF Tonight BYE

Next Matchup: FF Tonight vs Dave Gawron.

During the regular season, I was 1-1 against Dave Gawron, including a 4-point week 13 loss. Total points  for our matchups 272-250 in favor of me.  Gawron is always a tough matchup and certainly has the momentum.  I’m looking for back-to-back championships in this league.



Blog Talk Radio League II
Dj2kDynasty 168
FF Tonight  128

I got crushed this week. Drew Brees, Lance Moore, AJ Green, and Brandon Myers did me in this week.  Those four players combined for only 28 points. I was also without the services of Jordy Nelson.

Blog Talk Radio League III

FF Tonight 84 155

My team was a no-show week 14.  I had two players score in double digits (Wallace & Murray).  Nobody else broke 10 points.

Fantasy Website Drunken Pirate Slapfight Expert League

Fantasy Sharks – IDP 171
FantastFootball Fetch 108

Greg Kellogg owned me in this league.  With the latest defeat, I finished 0-3 against him for the season.  My team was 7-1 at one point and faded the second half finishing 7-6.  I took injuries to Miles Austin, Mike Wallace (mental), Willis McGahee, and Gronko.  I also suffered from Drew Brees just sucking.