More of The Same, The True GURU Goes 4-3 Week 10

This week was better than others.  Without several key players, including any of my Packers, I managed to go 4-3.  Let’s see how it all played out!

Overall Record through week 10, 45-25. I am at least 7-3  in 3 leagues to date. I’m the top scoring team in 4 of the leagues. Clinched 4 playoff berths*.

EXPERT LEAGUES (Overall This Week: 2-1)

Fantasy Website Drunken Pirate Slapfight Expert League (7-3*) 111
Fantasy Football Aggregator 112

I lost by one point during a terrible week for my team.  Most of my players didn’t do much and I needed just one more point from Mike Wallace to win and he couldn’t pull it out. This was my second loss in a row, but I did clinch a playoff berth on the bright side.

2012 FFS Expert League (8-2*)

FF Tonight 138
Pro Fantasy Football 110

I continue to dominate in this league with another big win.  I hold the #1 seed and I clinched a playoff berth this week.

MIC WARS Expert League (9-1*)

FF Tonight 134
Fantasy Daddy Show 101

Teams continue to be afraid in this league.  This week I went without Aaron Rodgers (Discount Double Check), Trent Richardson, DeMarco Murray, and my Green Bay defense.  I plugged in Alex Smith, Issac Redman, Chris Ivory, and the Dallas defense.  Pulled it out.


Blog Talk Radio FF League (5-5)

FFTonight 100
TBD 127

Second straight loss in this league and I fall to .500.  In fairness I was without McFadden, Murray, Cobb, and Green Bay defense.  I also started Eli Manning who scored a whopping .30 points.  I did have Romo on the bench.

Blog Talk Radio II FF League (6-4)

FFTonight  147
Sandy’s Raiders 105

I needed this win.  I currently hold the #5 seed in route to a playoff appearance.  Had a big week from A.J. Green, Brees, and the Dallas defense.

Blog Talk Radio III FF League (7-3*)

FFTonight 138
Niagra Newbs  118

Clinched my division with a big win over a challenging team.  My four wide receivers netted me 45 points in this game.

HOME LEAGUE (Overall This Week: 0-1)

Vegas Vs Texas League 13 (3-7)

Las Vegas Cowboys 129
TexBengals 159

Another brutal loss and this basically ends most hopes for a playoff berth in my home league.  Just bad luck all season.